Strauss’ Ray Krones Awarded Promoter of the Year

Ray Krones Headshot

Ray Krones has what he describes as “one of the best jobs in the world.” Ray has been buying livestock for Strauss since 2006, and this year, he celebrates 25 years of doing what he loves. It is no surprise that Ray was honored by the North American Limousin Foundation (NALF) as the 2014 Limousin Cattle Promoter of the Year.

Frank Padilla, NALF’s director of marketing stated when presenting Krones with the award, “Tonight we are celebrating enthusiasm, commitment and sheer hard work. The person we honor tonight has traveled thousands of miles, has spent many-a-day away from his family, has promoted and educated many producers to a program that created marketing opportunities for users of Limousin genetics.”

Ray was humbled and honored to receive the award. He has worked with the association since 2008, when the Free Raised® Veal program launched. “Limousin producers are family operations,” Ray explained. “At the end of the day, we have the same goals and purposes: produce the best product possible.”

Buying livestock keeps Ray on the road, where he meets with farmers all over the country. Ray describes his job as being all about the relationships: “I get to know the families–the kids, the grandkids–and the different life struggles that all these families have in various parts of the country. It’s not the same everywhere. Everyone has different things that they face, but how they face them and overcome them is amazing.”

Ray’s humanity and commitment to supporting family farmers make him a tremendous asset to the Strauss family, and Ray inspires all of us to be the best at what we do.

Read the press release from NALF.

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