Our Facility and Accreditations

The Strauss family proudly operates from our USDA-inspected production plant, located in Franklin, WI. Our USDA establishment number is 2444.

Our team of skills butchers proudly maintain our family’s heritage of quality and craftsmanship each day as they cut hand-cut to order for chefs, restaurateurs and fine retailers coast to coast.

We believe in the circle of life, and recognize that livestock we process is making the ultimate sacrifice to provide nourishment to others. We honor that sacrifice and take seriously our commitment to ensuring that all animals have the highest quality of life possible, which includes a low-stress, pain-free slaughter process.

Strauss team members work accordance to the guidelines of the Humane Slaughter Act and under the direction of on-sight USDA veterinarians and inspectors who monitor every step of the harvest and production process to ensure the highest level of animal welfare, worker safety and food safety.

The Strauss Meat Company employs over 300 individuals.  We take pride in the fact that our business can provide a safe working environment to so many – including brothers, sisters, cousins, fathers and sons who all work daily to bring our American raised, family farmed meats to customers nationwide.

Our facility is proud to be BRC Audited, earning a AA rating for food safety, processing and traceability.

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