Veal Producers


Raising Protocols:

  • Never administered antibiotics
  • Never administered growth hormones
  • Raised on open pastures – never confined to feed lots
  • Vegetarian-fed
  • Born and raised in USA


Requirements Include:

  • 425- to 525-pound calves
  • Source and age verified


Partnering With Us:

  • Truck load lots picked up on farm
  • Pre-contract or spot market buys
  • Hot-carcass-weight bonus
  • Equal value for heifers, steers, and bulls
  • Wire-transfer available


4-16-08 counsil ranch Dianes 100-Edit

Want to learn more? If you are passionate about all-natural raising practices and are interested in partnering with us, please contact us below or call Ray Krones, Veal Buyer at 815-867-0528.

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