The Free Raised® Difference

Nature Gives. We Accept.

A simple statement that clearly defines our vision for ourselves, our families, our company, and our future. Nature provides many gifts: the air we breathe, the earth beneath our feet, the food we eat, life itself. We believe that how we treat these gifts is a direct reflection on who we are. We take joy in this responsibility and apply it to the philosophy that we embrace and the products that we offer.

Our journey to make that dream a reality won’t be complete tomorrow or next month or next year. We will continue to research, educate, and grow as our depth of knowledge grows. We believe sustainability via ethics is possible and necessary to achieve meaningful change. The success we’ve accomplished today is just the beginning. From these inspirations, we are proud to introduce Strauss Free Raised® Grass Fed Beef and Veal, heritage-bread, free range, and pasture-raised. When you choose Strauss Free Raised®, you accept nothing less than what nature gives. That’s our family’s pledge to you. Won’t you join us?

Strauss Free Raised® Veal

We have spent years searching for a humane and authentic way to raise veal, and believe that it is our responsibility to raise our calves in the most natural and compassionate environment possible. To achieve our goal, we needed more than a new barn design; we needed a new point of view. So we went back to the very beginning, and let nature guide us.

Strauss Free Raised® Veal comes from truly ancient stock—France’s famed Limousin breed. Renowned for thousands of years for its flavor and quality, Limousin veal is exceptionally tender and delicate. Unlike conventionally raised veal, our Free Raised® calves are free range on acres of lush pasture alongside their mothers and herd, with unlimited access to mother’s milk and pasture grasses — a natural raising style passed down through the ages. Free Raised® veal calves are never tethered or raised in confinement or fed artificial milk replacement formulas. They never ever receive antibiotics or hormones. Strauss Free Raised® veal is lower in cholesterol, saturated fat, and total fat than a chicken breast. Its rich color and tenderness is your assurance of a natural diet, stress-free pasture-raising, and true authentic flavor.

Strauss Free Raised® Grass Fed Beef

Our Free Raised® Beef is raised as nature-intended – 100% grass-fed and grass-finished. Grass finishing is an art, and our family farmers and ranchers are experts at it. They graze heritage-bred cattle slowly and patiently, on open pastures to produce authentic, consistently tender and delicious, marbled grass-fed beef.

Lower in total fat, calories and cholesterol, Free Raised® Beef is a healthy alternative to conventionally raised, grain-finished beef. It’s been shown to have two to three times more conjugated linoleic acids (CLAs) than grain-finished beef and is higher in omega 3s and vitamin E—which protects against heart disease and cancer.

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