Good for the Animals

Ethically & Humanely Raised

Strauss is an exceptional leader in providing sustainable and humanely raised meats—a passion driven by our own families’ personal commitment to living a natural, sustainable, and organic lifestyle. We work with like-minded family farmers and ranchers who are committed to raising their animals with the same passion and ethical standards. Our commitment to the welfare of our animals extends throughout the processing phase. Working with renowned animal-welfare advocate Dr. Temple Grandin and Dr. Kurt Vogel, University of Wisconsin-River Falls, we have implemented even higher standards of care in our facility. These improvements minimize stress, increase comfort and improve the safe handling of our calves. Together, we are making a difference.

Strauss Veal

Free Raised ® Veal – Our pre-certified network of family farmers and ranchers believe calves should be raised as nature intended—with unlimited access to mother’s milk, free of antibiotics and growth hormones and always free to roam on natural open pastures alongside mother and herd. Our free range veal calves never experience the stresses of industrial farming. The natural, rich color of Strauss Free Raised® Veal is your assurance of our commitment to produce authentic, historical veal.

Group Raised Veal – In December, 2008 Strauss became the first veal producer in the nation to raise 100% of our veal calves in a tether-free, group raised environment, a full nine years ahead of the industry deadline. Group raising allows the animals freedom of movement and the ability to develop instinctual socialization and herding behaviors. We believe that a tether-free, group-raised environment dramatically reduces stress on the calves and improves their overall health, producing delicious, tender veal.

Strauss Lamb

American Lamb – Strauss pasture-grazed and grain-finished American lamb is humanely raised by our certified, Midwestern family farmers and ranchers. Our multigenerational relationships with these farm families ensures consistent animal husbandry and humane raising without the use of artificial growth stimulants or animal bi-products.

Australian Lamb & New Zealand Lamb – Humane raising has always been the cultural tradition for Australian and New Zealand family farmers and ranchers. Lambs are 100% free range and graze on open pastures, never administered growth hormones or animal by-products.  Antibiotic use is strictly regulated and only allowed to treat illness which rarely occurs, never given preventatively or as a growth stimulant.

Strauss Beef

Free Raised® Grass Fed Beef – Our 100% grass fed and grass-finished heritage-bred beef cattle are sustainably grazed on open pastures.  Our independent family farmers and ranchers carefully cultivate pastures with a diversity of grasses, ensuring the highest level of nutrition for their free range cattle. In addition, stored forages supplement their all-natural diet during inclement weather. The Free Raised® authentic pasture-raising protocols mean our cattle are raised as nature intended—free of antibiotics and growth-promoting hormones, on open pastures, never in feedlots.

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