Veal 101

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is group raised veal?
Q: What is special-fed veal?
Q: Why did veal farmers ever chain their veal calves in small pens or crates?
Q: Does confining a calf and limiting its movement make veal meat more tender?
Q: Why do people think veal should be light in color?
Q: How old are Strauss veal calves when they're ready for market?
Q: How does group raised veal support the dairy industry?
Q: Do Strauss veal calves receive antibiotics?
Q: Do Strauss veal calves receive growth hormones or growth stimulants?
Q: Where are Strauss veal calves born and raised?
Q: Are the small white hutches that I see on farms used for veal calves?
Q: What are the USDA classifications of veal?

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