Adam Siegel’s Veal Roast

Adam Siegel’s Veal Roast
Prep Time : 30 minutes
Cook Time : 45 minutes to 1 hour
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1 veal roast (2–3 lbs) with netting or tied with butcher’s string
Kosher or sea salt, to taste
Cracked black pepper, to taste
1/3 cup extra-virgin olive oil
2 Tbs unsalted butter
2 celery stalks, sm dice
1 sm yellow onion, sm dice
9 cloves garlic, peeled
2 cups button mushrooms, quartered
2 Tbs tomato paste (optional)
1 Tbs all-purpose flour
2 cups red or white wine
3 bay leaves
5 sprigs thyme
5 sprigs rosemary
2 cups sm Yukon Gold potatoes, quartered
2 dz peeled baby carrots
1 dz Brussel sprouts, halved
3 cups beef or chicken stock
¼ cup Italian parsley, chopped

  1. Heat oven to 325º.
  2. Place medium-sized roasting pan over medium-high heat.
    Season veal roast with salt and black pepper.
  3. Add olive oil to pan and heat until smoking. Add roast to pan and brown on all sides, adding 1 Tbs of butter at end.
  4. Remove roast, add celery, onion and garlic to pan. Reduce heat to medium, sauté 3 minutes. Add mushrooms, sauté 3 minutes. Add tomato paste and flour, mix well. Sauté for 2-3 minutes.
  5. Add wine, bay leaves, thyme, rosemary, potatoes, carrots and Brussel sprouts. Reduce wine by half, add stock. Reduce heat to medium-low.
  6. Add roast to pan, simmer, cover loosely with foil and place in preheated oven.
  7. Cook roast for 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on desired doneness. (Preferred internal temperature of 140º.) Remove pan from oven, move roast to serving platter, keep warm.
  8. Place pan back over medium heat, reduce liquid if necessary.  Remove bay leaf, thyme and rosemary from sauce. Season sauce with salt and black pepper. Finish with 1 Tbs butter and parsley.
  9. Slice roast to ¼ inch slices. Pour sauce and vegetables on serving platter. Place sliced roast over. Serve and enjoy!


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