Protecting America’s waterways through responsible agriculture

When I spend time in America’s great outdoors, usually near the water, on the water or in the water, I am always reminded that we all have to work together diligently to protect America’s natural resources. That’s why I am so proud of the Strauss family’s commitment to making our waterways cleaner, safer and healthier. 

All of us on the Strauss team understand the importance of responsible, environmentally-friendly agriculture. We are so proud to work with American family farmers who make every effort to raise their livestock in the best ways possible – on grass pastures using time-honored grazing practices. They know that with care, their farmland will be producing high-quality proteins for generations to come. Our producers also understand that everything is interconnected and that actions taken on their Midwest farmland affect the environment and the people downstream, ultimately reaching American fishermen of the Gulf Coast. 

How does pasture grazing help our waterways? Our lands and our waters are two major parts of a balanced ecosystem. The grass pastures that Strauss farmers raise their livestock on gently filter the rains and run-off. The grasses also sequester CO2 to help clean the air. It all helps heal our environment. When we all support farmers who are passionate about their grass-fed and grass-finished raising practices, we support a movement toward improving our environment.  

The beef Strauss produces this way is proven to be better for me too. It’s a high-quality protein that helps fuel all that energy I expend near the water, on the water or in the water! It’s all interconnected. So, buying American grass-fed and grass-finished beef is better for the livestock, better for the environment and better for us all. Clean water, clean air and better proteins. It’s a win, win, win! 


About the Author
Mark Boyce is our creative director and is passionate about telling the Strauss Brand story through any and all means possible. It’s that important. When he’s not storytelling for Strauss Brands, Mark is probably enjoying the outdoors and can often be found kayaking the waterways he writes about above. It’s another reason he cares about them so.

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