Kosher and Halal

Religious or ritually processed lamb and veal are in growing demand by U.S. consumers. Strauss offers the highest quality Kosher and Halal-approved products available. To learn more, please call (800) 562-7775 and ask for a member of our sales team or email us at

Strauss Certified Kosher

All Strauss Certified Kosher lamb and veal meets Glatt requirements and are certified by both the Orthodox Union and the C.R.C. Available in American lamb and group raised veal. Imported lamb is by request.

Strauss Certified Zabiha Halal

Working in partnership with Barkaat Foods, a Muslim-owned and operated plant, we now proudly offer Certified Zabiha Halal American lamb.  Barkaat Foods is certified by the Shariah Board of America.

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