Good for the Earth

Committed to Environmental Stewardship

Consumers today seek the highest caliber of meats that are not only good for their families but also good for the Earth. We support and encourage sustainable grazing and pasture management, which benefits our environment in many ways.

Sustainable pasture raising:

  • Removes carbon dioxide, decreases methane and greenhouse gases
  • Is as effective as forested land in reducing greenhouse gasses
  • Eliminates the need for manure collection ponds, improving water quality
  • Lessens topsoil erosion
  • Reduces the need for chemical fertilizers
  • Eliminates the high fossil-fuel consumption required for industrial raising practices
  • Decreases the use of chemical herbicides and/or mechanical equipment

According to a report by Washington, D.C.-based Sustainable Resources, LLC published in June 2008, “pasture raised veal casts a minimal carbon footprint across the environment when compared to a formula-fed veal process.” Read the full report: Strauss Brands Inc.’s Free Raised® Veal:
A Reduced “Carbon Footprint”

Green Improvements – We have made several changes to our facility and operating practices that reduce our overall energy consumption. These include installing green lighting and motion-sensor switches, eliminating disposable plastic gowns and gloves in our facility, using biodegradable cleaning supplies, consolidating orders and delivery routes, maximizing all by-products and varietal meats to reduce landfill waste, and using recycled papers and vegetable-based inks whenever possible for printed materials.

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