Group Raised Veal

Veal’s New Direction

Tether-Free – Born and raised in the U.S. by family farmers, our Group Raised Veal calves are never tethered or crated, never administered growth hormones and are finished in a group environment. This allows the freedom of movement and the ability to develop natural behaviors, dramatically reducing stress on the calves and improving their health and comfort. In December, 2008 Strauss became the first veal producer in the nation to raise 100% of our veal calves in a tether-free, group raised environment, a full nine years ahead of the industry deadline.

Group Raised – Group raising allows the animals freedom of movement and the ability to develop instinctual socialization and herding behaviors. We believe that a tether-free, group-raised environment dramatically reduces stress on the calves and improves their overall health, producing delicious, tender veal.

Formula & Forage-Fed – The term “special-fed” veal is a USDA classification used to describe modern day veal calves that are derived from the dairy industry and fed a special formula or milk-replacer. In contrast, Strauss Group Raised Veal incorporates natural forage to aid in the development and health of our calves, resulting in pinker veal.

Supporting the Dairy Industry

Formula-fed veal was developed in Holland and brought to the US shortly after WWII. At that time, the dairy industry in Holland faced the same challenges that existed here in the US – what to do with Holstein bull calves from the dairy industry. Dairy cows must calve every year in order to maintain milk production. Female, or heifer calves, are raised to re-enter the herd as milking cows. Male, or bull calves, provide little to no value to dairy farmers, making them a true by-product of the dairy industry. The Holland-based, formula-fed veal industry evolved by utilizing the two primary by-products of the dairy industry – bull calves, and whey. Since the US dairy herd is predominantly Holstein based, the black and white Holstein bull calf soon became synonymous with formula-fed veal.

Strauss Supports Midwestern Dairy Farmers – 

  • All calves are born and raised in the upper Midwest, thus reducing fossil fuel consumption and stress caused by unnecessary transportation of calves.
  • Purchasing Holstein bull calves from dairies located close to our farmers supports local dairy farms.
  • Group Raised Veal formula is produced using whey from many local and regional cheese plants, further supporting the dairy industry.


Culinary Goodness

Strauss Group Raised Veal is pink in color, offering a mild flavor that’s perfect to showcase culinary sauces. Creamy and tender, just as chefs and consumers enjoy, but now even better because these calves are raised in a humane and compassionate manner.


Taste the difference with Strauss Group Raised Veal. Browse our selection of  veal recipes to find a new family favorite. Or use our cut chart to learn more about Strauss Group Raised Veal cuts, veal cooking tips and preparation suggestions.


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