Free Raised® Veal

Nature Gives. We Accept.

Strauss Free Raised® veal calves spend their entire lives as nature intended—free to roam with their herd on open pastures, outdoors in fresh air and sunshine, nursed by their mothers. Raised by American family farmers, without confinement, antibiotics, growth hormones or milk replacers, our free range veal calves never experience the stresses of industrial farming. Strauss Free Raised® is good for the calves, good for the earth, and good for you.

Authentic Limousin Genetics

Proclaimed throughout antiquity in literature and scripture, veal is an original culinary tradition. This exceptional delicacy was raised for thousands of years in much the same manner as Strauss Free Raised® veal is today. Our veal is not only raised in the style passed down through the ages, it comes from truly ancient stock – France’s famed Limousin breed. Renowned for its flavor and quality for thousands of years, veal from Limousin calves is an Old World delicacy still treasured by the finest chefs.

The Free Raised® Difference

It was only after WWII that factory farming and the current practices of raising veal calves in confinement, on an all-liquid formula diet was adopted. In 2008, we made the decision to revive authentic, free range veal. Strauss Free Raised® veal calves are truly milk-fed, pasture-raised, with unlimited access to mother’s milk – never fed formula or milk replacers, or supplemented with grain. We follow the grass seasonally across the U.S. by partnering with a network of certified family farmers and ranchers committed to our proprietary protocols.

Richer Color = Superior Flavor

Naturally nutrient-rich, mother’s milk and pasture forage produce meat that’s richer in color. And richer color means superior flavor. Unlimited access to mother’s milk and a natural, stress-free environment produces exceptionally tender and authentic veal—the way Old World chefs remember it. This is your assurance that our calves enjoy a natural, healthy diet.

  • Increased iron consumption comes from mother’s milk and pasture grazing
  • The richer color of Free Raised® Veal is a direct result of the calf’s natural diet and environment
  • Richer color is your assurance of superior flavor.

We encourage you to taste the difference. Conduct a blind taste test of Strauss Free Raised® veal against any other veal. We’re confident you’ll agree: Strauss Free Raised® delivers an exceptional culinary experience.

Natural & Nutritious

Strauss Free Raised® Veal is truly nutritious and provides our customers with many healthy benefits. Our calves are never ever given growth hormones or antibiotics. They are strictly vegetarian-fed, never receiving animal by-products. Mother’s fresh milk and an environment of natural grass pasture produces nutrient packed veal lower in cholesterol and saturated fats.

Nutritional Comparison PER 100 GRAMS Free Raised American Veal Rib Chop Lean Chicken Breast Boneless Skinless Formula Fed Veal Rib Chop Lean Pork Loin Center
Beef Ribeye Choice Lean Lamb Rib Choice Lean
Total Fat Grams 0.6 1.24 4.03 6.48 8.3 9.23
Total Sat. Fat Grams 0.3 0.33 1.69 2.24 3.23 3.3
Cholesterol mg 53 58 82.7 55 59 66
Sodium mg 54.7 65 63.7 45 63 72
Iron mg 1.5 0.72 0.41 0.77 2.18 1.67

USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference

Come To Our Table

Taste the difference with Strauss Free Raised® Veal. Browse our selection of  veal recipes to find a new family favorite. Or use our cut chart to learn more about Strauss Free Raised® Veal cuts, veal cooking tips and preparation suggestions.


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Do you love working with limousin cattle? Want to learn more? If you are passionate about all-natural raising practices and are interested in partnering with us, learn how to become a Free Raised® Veal producer.

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