Farmer Appreciation

For the past 81 years, our family has been fortunate to have worked with America’s finest family farmers and ranchers. Like-minded, hard-working men and women who are driven by their personal passion to raise and nurture livestock with the highest levels of integrity, and animal welfare.

Therefore, on National Farmer Appreciation Day, it is with great pride and admiration that my brother, Timmy and I take a moment today, to recognize that food doesn’t just appear at our local grocery store. Rather, it is carefully raised by those whose who work long, thankless hours to provide high-quality, nutritious products that we have come to expect.

It is more important than ever to get to know your farmer – for they do so much more than just raise food. Farmers who implement sustainable, regenerative raising techniques, such as those used to produce Strauss 100% grass fed and finished beef, are making important contributions to reduce erosion, keep chemicals off our land and out of lakes and streams, and rebuild lost topsoil for future generations.

Working as stewards, sustainable, pasture-based farmers are helping to revive the true art of grass finished beef – a centuries-old technique that was nearly lost during the transition to industrialized agriculture. Thankfully, today, there is growing awareness of the importance of returning cattle to the pasture -the way our fathers and our grandfathers raised their cattle. By allowing livestock to graze naturally, they fulfill their role in nature’s hierarchy, keeping pastures green and growing through proper grazing, which improves both soil health and water quality.

So today, please join us in giving our great American family farmers a pat on the back, to thank them for all they do everyday, to protect and nourish us all year long.

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