The Perfect Valentine’s Menu for Your Perfect Someone

You know that feeling of butterflies in your stomach? That might be one of two things: you’re probably hungry or in love (we hope it’s both). With Valentine’s Day looming around the corner, we’ve got the perfect menu ready to really wow your special someone. We have selected a variety of delicious recipes that will help you come up with the best menu for cooks of all skill levels and according to your meat preference.

I hope that you have a terrific Valentine’s Day with your loved ones, and if you decide to cook up this menu or a variation of it, I’d love to see pictures of your creations! Share to our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram or Twitter @straussmeats.

Wine Pairing

For beef dishes with fattier cuts like a porterhouse, ribeye or filet mignon, you may pair it with Syrah or a Cabernet Sauvignon. The tannin levels found in red wines match the boldness of these delicious cuts of meat, complementing each other wonderfully.

Try pairing lamb dishes and their delicate flavor with your favorite Malbec wine; because of its light flavor and smooth tannins, the flavor is not strong or overpowering.

Veal dishes pair beautifully with light red wines such as Pinot Noir or a Zinfandel.

Appetizers & Salad



Chorizo Stuffed Dates
Recipe available here.



Salads should be matched to your entrée. For example, if your main dish is full of bold flavors then your salad can deliver equally as strong flavors, such as blue cheese and onions. However, if your entrée is more mild in flavor, go for a lighter salad, perhaps a Waldorf.


Main Dish

Veal Option


Tenderloin with Brandy-Peppercorn Cream Sauce
Recipe available here.


Lamb Option

Lamb Ragu Puttanesca
Recipe available here.


Grass-Fed Beef Option

Center-cut Grass-fed Beef Filet with Mashed Cauliflower
Recipe available here.



After such a large meal, we suggest choosing a dessert that’s both light and rich such as a chocolate mousse or berries and angel food cake.

Chocolate mousse




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