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Kind words from our best customers:


I bought your filets from Publix the other day. It was the first time I have tried your product. I was amazed at how wonderful the steak was! It was so delicious and tender. I would like to get a rump roast, do they sell them at Publix or should I ask the butcher at Publix to place an order for me? I will never buy anything but Strauss Brand again, it was great! –Christy

First I want to say one thing – your dogs hunt! (as we say in the south). They are BY FAR the very best I’ve ever had. I got a package in Central Market in Austin and just talked to the meat manager and she says they have a hard time keeping them in stock.

I want to thank you for providing such high quality meat. I was sick for years and i mean years like 16 even tho i was eating organic. I looked into vitamin B12 ….when i found your gound lamb i hit the jackpot. I eat your lamb every day and feel so much better.
I can’t thank you enough. Such wonderful people, caring for the animals, the earth and the people. If everyone was like you, what a different world this would be. Gives one hope. Blessings to all of you! –JoAnne

Strauss Grass Fed Burger with Lobster Mac & Cheese #chefmattbrady #burger #macandcheese #lobster #burgertime #eatfamous

A photo posted by Matthew Brady California (@chefmattbrady) on

I just have a question. Are all your meats GMO free?
I had your filet and it melted in my mouth. It was so delicious. We also tried the burgers for the Fourth of July and everyone loved them.
Thank you and have a nice day.–Karen

I absolutely love your italian style veal steaks but having left Wisconsin cannot get them anywhere. Is there anyway I can order them and have them shipped to me? I am more than willing to buy a case if you have a minimum order requirement as I know you are primarily a supplier versus retailer. Please, please help, I miss these patties so much.
Thank you for any help you can provide. –Sandra

“Thank you so much for your grass-fed beef summer sausage! It is one of my Dad’s favorites since going on a restricted diet, and we are so thankful for such a delicious meat that is “legal” for his diet!!!” -Sarah

Strauss Meats grass-fed ribeyes waiting for the call to action. #straussmeats #ribeye

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Hello to the Chiappetti Family,
We were lucky to find the “Market 32” supermarket in Saratoga Springs, NY yesterday. My husband and I are new residents to upstate NY and formerly from the NYC area where we were accustomed to finding good meats. For several months, we had been searching the stores up here and when we purchased your beef steaks and broiled them for dinner, we were absolutely thrilled! They are superb – so sweet and tender, just like a good steakhouse!

Many thanks again for your wonderful meats!!

NAMP 109 from Strauss Meats frenched and ready for rub… @straussmeats #blackironsmoker #blowinsmokeandtellinlies

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Frenched bones on the Strauss Meats NAMP 109 @straussmeats @blowinsmokeandtellinlies

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Aloha from our family!
We have enjoyed (more like an addiction!) your Chiappetti Seasoning for years now, which we bought from our local butcher in Indiana. We recently moved to the Big Island of Hawaii and need to find and order a new supply.
Thank you for a WONDERFUL product!
–Carey and Kim

I want to THANK YOU for raising your animals in a humane way!! That is the main reason I buy our ground beef ONLY from you. Although I’m a vegetarian, my husband is a carnivore and says the meat is the BEST. So thank you again for caring for the animals and for the flavor of the meat! My heart breaks to see the abuse in mass produced feed lots, and I know it costs more for you to do it the right way. But I’m more than happy to spend a little extra for this. Also, happy cows make better tasting meat, so I’m told! –Carol

“I live in Lodi, CA, so unfortunately must travel elsewhere to purchase high quality grass-fed beef. While shopping at Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op recently, I came upon some BEAUTIFUL Strauss beef trip-tips. I’m only sorry that I purchased just one to try, since it was absolutely SPECTACULAR; flavorful, well-marbled and well worth the drive to/from the Co-op!!!
Two questions: Why do you not show the Sac Co-op as one of your “Where-to-Buy” locations and also, do you regularly offer your products (specifically trip-tip roasts) at the Co-op? If so, is it possible to find out what day you make deliveries there, so I’m likely to find a nice selection in stock?) It’s a more convenient location for me than the Whole Foods, and since I also prefer to support a co-op, would like to give them – and you – my business.
I do make occasional trips to the Co-op, but will actually go more often, just to purchase Strauss meats!! (Like I said, your beef is definitely worth the drive!)
Any assistance/response you can offer would be very much appreciated!!!
Hoping to soon be a regular and loyal customer ~
Many Thanks!”

— Christi

“Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful meats. I absolutely love your tenderloin and my health thanks you. Have a great day.”
— Sharon

“I have recently noticed your booklets and ground beef at Publix in Naples Fl. I was looking for Grass fed beef and noticed the new display.
I bought my first 1 lb package and was hooked. Delicious.
I feed non enhanced, no hormone antibiotic or GMO pasture raised raw meat to my cats.
Thought I deserved the same, so I tried some for myself.
Looking forward to trying other cuts and proteins from your farms.
Thanks for bringing your product to Florida.” – Patricia

“Have been watching every week for Dos Mamasitas in our local Meijer and today was the day!!! I see they are carrying it again in Angola, IN! I bought all 8 packs that were in the store! Please keep it going.” – Corey

“I just want to thank you for making the best 100 percent grass fed filet I have ever had.
I buy your filets at publix, and they are outstanding.
So Thank you!” – Dahlia

“Hello! Thank you so much for providing good, healthy, flavorful and SAFE meat for me and my son!
I purchase this product at the Publix store in Phenix City Alabama! I can’t begin to imagine all of the hard work involved before this FOOD makes it to my store!
Thank you and God Bless You and Yours!” – Sherri

“Over the holidays the Natural Foods Coop in Sacramento, CA carried your grass-fed and finished beef. We ordered a whole rib roast and also purchased some rib eye steaks. They were amazing!” -Joy

“I’ve heard of your products from friends and have tried the grass feed beef ,we loved it. Going to try the veal, sure we’ll love it too. You’ve Got A Convert IN us. Thanks so much for bringing things back to nature.” -Pattie

“I just want to say thank you for the best beef in USA.” -Majedah

“I just bought my first straussbrand product at publix today and i was sooooooooooo happy to come home and watch these videos and see how you’re all doing a wonderful thing. It is MUCH appreciated because i want to believe that the food i’m eating is good for my health, the environment and my heart. THANK YOU thank you THANK you : )”

“I wanted to take a moment to say thank you.

I chose to stop eating meat over four years ago, having become discouraged while learning of factory farming practices.

Recently, I desired a return to a carnivorous lifestyle, but under the condition that I would educate myself on company practices prior to purchase. Strauss met my personal standards, from the quality of the meats, to the humane treatment of your animals.

Tonight, I dined on your grass-fed ground beef, and was overwhelmed. It was an incredible meal.

To everyone, I would like to extend my sincerest thank you for making this transition easy & enjoyable.”


“Hi….Tonight I went grocery shopping at Price Chopper in Torrington, CT…….When I saw the option of a grass fed ribeye steak I grabbed it….now, usually these pre-packaged grocery store steaks are a little on the tough side but knowing it’s a healthy alternative…you settle…………..Wow…was I blown away by how succulent, buttery and flavorful this steak was……..My wife is out of town and I cannot wait to fire up our grill and prepare for her one outstanding dinner this weekend……btw……This is the first time I have ever written a letter regarding any food item…but…I had to let you know….Tomorrow at work I will let one particular co-worker friend of mine know just what a treat I had tonight……Thank You…..A customer for life” Ray

Photo Credit: Le Rêve Patisserie

Photo Credit: Le Rêve Patisserie

This evening our featured dish is Daube De Jarret D’Agneau; Braised Strauss Lamb Shank, Herbed Cannellini Beans, Swiss Chard, Romesco and a White Wine Jus.Our dinner service begins at 5pm.

Posted by Le Rêve Patisserie & Café on Thursday, October 22, 2015

“We live in southwest Florida and shop at Publix. Our favorites are the ground beef and rib eyes!!! Every time we have a Struass meal we end up talking about how wonderful it tasted for hours afterwards!! I look forward to seeing more of your products on the shelves…maybe some grass fed all beef hotdogs!!!! Mmmmmm. (If you do already have this it hasnt made it to our Publix yet) Thank you again for being IRREPLACEABLE!” -Kathleen

Photo credit: The Depot

Photo credit: The Depot

We are proud to have partnered with Strauss Meats to bring you ethically raised and family farmed Lamb. Served with our Rosemary Chimichurri and Duck Fat Sweet Potato Hash, our mild and tender Double Thick American Lamb Chops will make you think twice before sharing. ‪#‎nosheepthrills‬ ‪#‎lambtastic‬ ‪#‎straussmeats‬

Posted by The Depot on Tuesday, October 6, 2015

“Far too often people are quick to criticize and complain about a company! This is just the opposite! We have been eating your fine steaks for a little over a month…every steak has been perfection in taste, texture, and size! It tastes like meat used to taste when I was a little girl! I grew up on 200 acres with lots of cattle and horses…I have not eaten red meat for several years due to the fact it tastes horrible in restaurants and even at most premium stores plus it always seems to give me serious digestive issues! I have been told I need more meat in my diet due to a B12 deficiency. we tried Strauss….not one digestive issue and red meat has been introduced back into my diet once a week! Just wanted to take the time to let you guys know you are doing something right! Thank you for a quality product!”

“Just wanted to take a minute to tell you that my husband and I love your products immensely! We are so pleased to have found this great product in our local grocery store. Consistantly delicious! Keep up the great work!!!!!!”

“THANK YOU! Tried Strauss free raised ground beef for the first time. We used your beef for grilling burgers and what a difference in flavor, consistency and appearance. I personally am not a big meat consumer but I will from now on purchase Strauss Free Raised beef whenever beef is on the menu. At $7.99 a pound still remarkably inexpensive considering health, safety and everything else that the beef “industry” has to offer. This country needs to go back to supporting the FARMER not big conglomerates. May The Lord continue to Bless you, your family and all independent farmers for bringing common sense back to the American people.”

“Our family has recently changed our diet and focus more on whole foods, grass fed meats, and other non-processed foods. We found your beef products in our local Publix Supermarket in Estero, FL, and fell in love at first bite! You ground beef tastes like meat like we remember it from long ago. Also, while my husband was grilling burgers he was amazed at the flames and flare ups while cooking. Conventional meat just doesn’t do that anymore.

Thank you for doing what you do! Please keep it up. We tell everyone we can about your products!”

We are happy to have #straussonthemenu! Proud to say that our beef is free raised and 100% grassfed! For more info, check out Strauss Meats!

Posted by BeachBurgerz on Monday, August 24, 2015

“Thank you for caring about the animals, and thank you for caring about the health of the people. I shop at Publix at 33983. I am going to ask them to get more of your products in store.
God bless you.”

not even the local butcher could come close to the succulent marbling, exquisitely well trimmed best tasting beef sealed in a nitrogen filled package container for longevity freshness – i cannot express to you exactly how well your rib eye steaks come out on a charcoal grill, even broiled or pan fried, you just can not cook this wrong, its that good – i am so thrilled to be able to finally have your steaks at my local supermarket – although expensive at nearly $30 a pound, it is WELL above worth the money spent on such fine meat !

Posted on Saturday, August 22, 2015

“Dear sir or madam. We would like you to know that we have really enjoyed your hamburger. My wife and I were from Illinois. And we have always enjoyed a good hamburger. When we got married in may 1962 I was driving a redi-mix truck and when I would get home late in the day my wife would have the char-coal already to put the hamburgers on. They were always good and juicey. When we moved to Florida in 1968 our choice of good meat was pretty bad. Over all the years we would buy hamburgers and both agree not that brand again. We would go without burgers for a while and try again and again the same no more. This had gone on for 47 years and always say no more. We were at our local publix grocery store shopping and checking out the different meat selection. I saw your package of hamburger and asked my wife what she thought. After talking and reading the label a couple of times we decided we would give it a try and believe me neither of us were in a hurry to try it. We made hamburger patties and put them on the char coal grill. It was a very pleasant surprise the way they cooked up and for about the first time in forty years we both enjoyed a very good burger. We have since enjoyed your hamburger two more times and will purchase it again when we go shopping this week. Thank you very much and we are now going to your web site to see what else you have.”

“I bought your brand at Publix here in Pensacola/Bellview Plaza, FL, and wow, what a difference. I need to eat beef and other high protein foods to keep my protein level up. I would like to eat beef at least 2-3 times weekly, so I purchased other brands, but they did not compare to yours. I tried the vegetarian way due to concern for animals and the poor quality of feedlot beef, but now that I have found your brand I will buy it often. Your beef had no fatty pieces and was just very fresh and good tasting. Thank you.”

“I just wanted to thank you for providing a quality, natural product the way God intended. In a world of hidden GMOs, pesticides, and powerful, strong-armed industry leaders that choose profit and secrecy over the preservation of the health of our children, and sustainability of the natural resources of the planet, it is refreshing to find a transparent company that sees what is really ultimately important–the good of the earth and the health of our families and future generations….because it’s the right thing to do. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!”

“A quick word of praise for your successful efforts to provide quality meat products that we can consume with a clear conscience — as well as a sense of confidence that we are serving our family healthful and nutritious meats.

I think it is noteworthy and, hopefully, a strengthening future trend that humane care of farm animals means safer and more healthful meat consumption.”

“I am sure you get emails a lot praising the quality and taste of your meat, but just in case you need another here it is. I have recently lost 30 lbs and have begun eating natural food and this past week decided to take the plunge to grass feed meat. I was shopping at Target and there was a clearance on 5 packages of your ground beef. I took a chance and grabbed all 5 hoping there were good and WOW it was amazing. I have a family of 4 plus a newborn baby and my wife and and daughters (6 and 3) all LOVED the burgers. Never have all 4 of us so enjoyed burger meat as much as we did this past week. As a fellow Chicagoland resident I am so happy that I found your product and was able to give health and great taste to my family. Thanks for all your hard work that allowed that meat to make it into my house, onto my grill and into our mouths. I wish I could tell all of you in person how thankful I am for your product. We have 4 more packages in the freezer and I am so excited to eat them over the next couple weeks. Unless you open a restaurant or tell me where one is that serves your meat it is unlikely I will ever order a burger out and will always eat yours at home.

Thanks for making burger night a highlight from last week!”

“We just had our first Strauss hamburger meat in the form of burritos. It was absolutely delicious! I was tentative because other grass feed hamburger I’ve had was tough and didn’t taste all that good. I was amazed at the wonderful taste, great texture, and tenderness of your beef. I will definitely be buying more of your meat!! Thank you so much for being committed to wholesome, healthy, and humane food. I love that the cows are happy and living as they were meant to. The meat does actually taste clean! I feel very strongly about protecting our environment and about caring for our animals in the best possible way we can.

I have another BIG reason to thank you. I have severe allergies to hormones and preservatives in food. It causes flu-like symptoms in me. Sadly, it took me until I was 45 years old to figure this out and I spent most of my life feeling really lousy. Because of people like you, I am healthy. I can feel good and have a normal life. I cannot thank you enough for that.”

“My favorite meat was always hamburger, but over the past few years I’ve been not just horrified by what I’ve learned about factory farming practices, and now all I can do is drink organic smoothies n beer because all food seems like poison to me. Thanks so much for getting a safe and healthy option into a local store so I can eat again. Please keep up the good work =)”

First off, I want to say how much I absolutely love your beef. For as long as I can remember, I have disliked steaks of any kind. If someone was serving steak, I would avoid it like the plague. But, that all changed a few weeks ago. I have been eating your grass-fed dogs and ground beef since they started selling them at my local store, but I ignored the steaks. Out of the blue, I had a strange hankering for a steak, so I went to the store and decided to give your grass-fed sirloin steak a try. It was on sale, so I knew if I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t be a huge loss from my wallet. I pan fried it in a bit of olive oil with some onions and a bit of celtic salt and white pepper. The aroma alone was making me salivate, but that first bite . . . just blew me away. It was like my taste buds just struck gold. I devoured the entire steak within minutes and have been buying the sirloin like its going out of style ever since. I have yet to try the other cuts, oh but I will.

The question I have for you though, is what about the bones? I make bone stock and was wondering if there would be a way to get some? I would gladly pay for them and shipping. Its really hard to come across quality legit grass-feed and finished meat and bones in my state. All the animals here are fed nasty GMO grains and soy. If this is a possibility, please let me know ASAP.”

“Thank you for carrying your grassfed/grass finished! ground beef at my local Publix stores(in 16oz packages/better price and at whole foods(sold in bulk and have to ask for 16oz, more pricey, prefer not to have the big amount open to air and light all day long. So I shop at Publix mostly. I tell everyone about the humane/natural way of raising the cows and how it is better meat for us. I buy it weekly. Thank goodness there are farmers like you still existing. We appreciate your patience in raising them.”

“My name is XXXXXX and I am a Registered Dietitian. I recently purchased your grass fed beef from Price Chopper Markets in my hometown of Endicott, NY. I just wanted to applaud you and thank you for your good work. I make it a point to only purchase and eat meat that is humanely raised, grass fed and grass finished. I was so thrilled to see a product like yours in my local market. It is good to know that ethical businesses are succeeding in this modern era obsessed with efficiency rather than morality. So thank you for your good work!”


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