Leading the Way

We are the only company in the U.S. to raise 100% of its veal calves in non-tethered, humane environments, and are proud to bring you our delicious, ethically raised, family-farmed veal.


What Color is Delicious?

For the last sixty years, the popular myth was the whiter the veal, the more mild and tender it was. Today we know it doesn’t have to be white to be right. The color of veal is determined by the amount of iron the calf receives from its diet and its level of confinement. Strauss veal is pinker, and here’s why: our calves are never tethered and raised on a diet containing more iron, which is essential for developing a healthy immune system. Freedom of movement promotes good health and reduces stress, which helps to ensures tenderness. It’s good for the calves and good for you.

Raw Veal Chops


The History of Veal

100 BC
Centuries old delicacy of veal referenced in literature, history and scripture

MID 1900s
Holland-based veal system extends to U.S. raising calves on formula and in confinement

Sustainable/Organic movement begins to influence agricultural methods and practices

Group raised veal introduced in Europe; soon moves to U.S.

Strauss Brands reintroduces the traditional art of natural pasture raised veal.

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