Australian Lamb

Mellow & Classic

Raised by hand-selected family farmers and ranchers, Strauss Australian Lamb is a delicious, healthy choice. 100% free-range, pasture-raised on a vast array of sweet grasses, creating a more traditional, yet lean and mild-tasting lamb – authentic and tender resulting from a natural, stress-free environment. Australian Lamb is a naturally nutrient rich with high levels of zinc, Vitamin B12, iron, riboflavin and thiamin; a nutritious addition for any lifestyle.

The Best from Down Under

Our Australian family farmers and ranchers are highly progressive in pasture improvement and water management. The unique system of grazing vast, semi-arid and arid rangelands protects and improves the environment and creates some of the best lamb available. If a regional drought occurs, local feeding may, by necessity, be temporarily supplemented with grain, usually wheat and/or oats until the drought is alleviated.

Humane raising is traditional and customary in Australia. Lambs freely graze on open pastures, enjoying a variety of grasses as nature intended. They are never administered growth hormones or animal bi-products. Antibiotic use is strictly regulated and only allowed to treat illness which rarely occurs, never given preventatively or as a growth stimulant. Combining the integrity of our family farmers and ranchers with the advantages of an unspoiled environment, Australian Lamb is some of the highest quality lamb available anywhere.


Strauss Australian Lamb is wonderfully versatile and easy to prepare. Browse our selection of lamb recipes to find a new family favorite.  Or use our cut chart to learn more about Strauss Australian lamb cuts, lamb cooking tips and preparation suggestions.


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