American cattle raised on independent family farms the way nature intended. Good for the Earth, Good for the Animals and Good for You.


A simple statement that clearly defines our vision for ourselves, our families, our company and our future. Nature provides many gifts: the air we breathe, the earth beneath our feet, the food we eat, life itself. We believe that how we treat these gifts is a direct reflection on who we are. We take joy in this responsibility and apply it to the philosophy that we embrace and the products that we offer.





Strauss Free Raised® Grass Fed Beef is consistently tender and delicious. That’s because our family farmers are passionate about the grass they grow and take pride in their craft. Our all natural raising methods were created to “go beyond” organic—born and raised in the U.S., our cattle are 100% grass fed on open pastures (never feedlots) and are free of any antibiotics or growth hormones. Our farmers are also experts in the art of grass finishing—grazing their cattle slowly and patiently, to produce authentic, great-tasting, tender, marbled grass-fed beef for consumers and their families to savor.

Strauss Beef Carcass Cuts


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