Cindy Wolf & Kelley O’Neill

Cindy Wolf & Kelley O’Neill American Lamb

The O’Neill family farm is located in Rushford, Minnesota, amid bustling forests and magnificent rolling pastures offering inspiring landscapes in every direction. Kelley O’Neill runs the farm with his trusted pack of border collies, finishing every series of commands with a sturdy “That’ll do.” Though he is extremely busy, Kelley has a calm, cool air about him that leaves the impression that rushing through life is not an option. Kelley’s wife, Cindy Wolf, teaches at the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine. Her time is divided between the family farm in Rushford and Spruce Shadows Farm, located on the outskirts of urban Bloomington, Minnesota, where she and a team study small ruminants such as sheep, llamas, alpacas, and deer. Sustainability is the central goal at O’Neill Family Farms and a clear legacy that Cindy and Kelley hope to pass on to their three teenaged daughters.

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