Angie & Tom Green

Angie & Tom Green Group Raised Veal

Tom Green got his start raising veal as a young boy on his uncle’s farm near Freedom, Wisconsin, and he’s been in the business ever since. Tom speaks peacefully about raising his family in the country: “The kids can ride their bikes in the ditch next door to Grandma’s, and that’s important. We enjoy the freedom and the flexibility that country life allows.” This quality of life for his family is matched by Tom’s passion for raising his animals’ quality of life. The transition from tethered veal stalls to group-raised pens was an easy choice for Tom, and a way for him to acknowledge the demand for more humane living conditions for his animals. Tom and Angie share the feeding duties on the farm and are slowly showing their young daughters the joys of farming on a small family scale, with a focus on quality and credibility. When asked about the future, Tom proudly stated, “We continue to look for ways to do a better job of raising calves, but I think we have been heading in the right direction.”

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