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A Holiday Letter from Tim & Randy Strauss

The time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s can be an exceptionally hectic time of year. It’s hard to remember to stop, smell the roses and take the time to live in the moment. When life gets busy, we sometimes forget to appreciate time spent with friends, family and coworkers who feel like family. Last month, […]

Farmer Appreciation

For the past 81 years, our family has been fortunate to have worked with America’s finest family farmers and ranchers. Like-minded, hard-working men and women who are driven by their personal passion to raise and nurture livestock with the highest levels of integrity, and animal welfare. Therefore, on National Farmer Appreciation Day, it is with […]

Meet Strauss Executive Chef Todd Moore

I came to the kitchen later in life than most. Initially, I went to school on the West Coast and then found myself back in the Midwest working in the tech industry. I was traveling frequently, spending a lot of time in airports and new cities by myself.    To pass the long hours, I started reading about food culture and history, checking out neighborhoods and restaurants in whatever city I happened to be in.  The more I read and visited the more places I visited, the more intense my interest in food became.  On an extended stay back […]

The Perfect Valentine’s Menu for Your Perfect Someone

You know that feeling of butterflies in your stomach? That might be one of two things: you’re probably hungry or in love (we hope it’s both). With Valentine’s Day looming around the corner, we’ve got the perfect menu ready to really wow your special someone. We have selected a variety of delicious recipes that will […]

Randy and Tim Strauss, owners of Strauss Brands, introduce the story behind the brand

Tim and Randy Strauss, owners of Strauss Brands, are committed to raising the very best meats — ethically raised, family farmed and masterly butchered. At Strauss, we are driven by a strong ethical commitment to improve the welfare of our animals, and the environment for our children’s future. Our community of farmers and butchers are dedicated […]

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