Lamb Cuts

Strauss Lamb in your favorite butcher case is an indication of quality and passion. Our master butchers bring decades of experience after nearly 70 years and 3 generations of specializing and perfecting their craft.

We recommend looking for one of our brands in your favorite butcher case. Your butcher can always help you find the perfect cut for any recipe.

Click on one of the primals below to learn more about our lamb cuts.

the_title ShoulderRackLoinLegFore ShankBrisket/BreastFlank

The aroma alone was making me salivate, but that first bite . . . just blew me away. It was like my taste buds just struck gold. I devoured the entire steak within minutes and have been buying the sirloin like its going out of style ever since. I have yet to try the other cuts, oh but I will.

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